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postheadericon 2013

It’s been a while, but that’s about to change.

With the new year comes a re-commitment to my shop, Facebook page and this blog! I will be more creative and productive this year. I will be adding new items to my shop and hosting giveaways here and on Facebook.

I am also starting a blog about some goals I set when I turned the big 3-0 this Fall. It will be a fun way to keep track of my progress.

This is year is going to be great… I hope you’ll make yours everything it can be as well. Happy 2013!

Canvas To Our Imagination




postheadericon The Unintentional Name Game

As I hope you already know, I LOVE celebrating. One of my favorite things to do is celebrate birthdays! I’ve always enjoyed my own, but I also love making the day special for anyone who happens to be a year older.

As a kid I loved helping my parents fill treat bags to give to the friends and family that came to my birthday party. Even now, that is one of my favorite parts of preparing for a get together. It doesn’t have to be a birthday party either; I’ve made party bags for baby showers, Hanukkah, movie premiers, house parties, weddings, lesson handouts, and even a jewelry party.

When one of my dear friends mention to me that she strongly dislikes hates making goody bags, I was surprised. I might have been in shock and gasped a little. That when I first started posting the favors to my Etsy shop.

But I ran into a problem… What do I call them? I mean, everyone calls them something different. Party bags, treat bags, goody bags, party favors, birthday bags.

Yikes. Are we all talking about the same thing?

So it came to me the other day, without much provoking actually. Around here party bags (treat bags, goody bags, etc, etc…) and favors of all kind will be officially called

Stuff’d Bags

What’s inside them will change according to  the event and theme, but you can be sure that when you order Stuff’d Bags from Somebody’s Stuff they will be filled with all the fun they can possibly hold! Let me know what kind of party you have coming up and I’ll come up with the best possible Stuff’d Bags for you. Keep an eye out for pre-made Stuff’d Bags as well.

PS If bags aren’t your thing, I can always make Stuff’d Boxes for you instead! Think of me next time you have a million handout, favors or prizes to put together!

postheadericon What I’ve Been Up To…

I’ve been trying to find the right balance of work and play… even within my work. There certain parts of the crafting process that are more fun than others. There are parts to EVERYthing that take longer than others. Right now, I’m trying to spend the right amount of time creating new items for the shop, taking pictures and listing those products along with connecting with friends and fans through Facebook and even in real life. I’ve made lots of new magnets, some new frames, and even had a few custom orders along the way.

Sadly, I haven’t been blogging along the way. I plan on doing better at that. I want another way to keep in touch with people, to let the planet know what to expect in the shop and even on Facebook, so stick around! I also plan on using this blog as another way to stay in touch with what you like, what you want more of and what you are up to as well.

Thanks for being here. I plan on being here more often as well! ;)

postheadericon The Perfect Prank

Happy April Fool’s Day!!!

Instead of announcing the closing of my shop, or telling my friends and family that we’ve decided to move… I’m celebrating with a sale!!! When someone tells you about a rEEEally great deal, don’t you usually respond by saying “Seriously?!?” Well I’m serious alright! So here’s the deal: Starting today, April 1st, every item in my Etsy shop will be shipped for


That’s fun news, isn’t it?!? From April Fool’s Day through Easter Sunday everything in the shop ships at NO COST to you!!! This only lasts for a few days, so head on over to the shop now!!!

Enjoy the holidays… and good luck with the pranks! ;) Have a great Easter and enjoy the free shipping!

postheadericon How Stuff Started…

My Mom has a blog. She started it a little over a year ago. She posts on it daily. It’s called Gracious Rain. It’s about making the most out of what you’ve got. It’s about enjoying life, with or without puddles. It’s about dancing in the rain and singing in the shower (ok, maybe that’s just my interpretation…) It’s awesome!

Writing on a blog especially every day can become monotonous. I’m still just trying to post weekly! ;) My Mom though, she’s done a great job at keeping things entertaining, inspiring and fun this WHOLE time!

Now, that might not seem like a big deal to some, but this was quite a life changing event for all of us.The first big change was that my Mom started taking pictures. She never really did that before. She has her very own camera now and has it with her at all times!

We are also blessed to be the Guinea Pigs that try out the new recipes she’s making… in hopes of posting them on her blog! Sometimes it’s soup, other times it’s veggies… and recently it was some AMAZING cinnamon rolls! I realized how much her blog influences my life when my husband came home from work and saw something yummy on the counter and asked “Has your Mom taken a picture of this yet?!?” How considerate! :D Ha ha ha!

She also writes about fun things to celebrate and crafts you can try your hand at.

I had some unfinished wooden frames that I had been holding onto for a couple of years… always meaning to decorate them. I was finally motivated to do it so that she could use the project as a tutorial for Gracious Rain. My family loved how the frames turned out and they encouraged me to make more and put them on Etsy.

The wheels have been turning ever since.

I now make frames, mats, and magnets… with more fun products and projects in the works! My mind is now filled with the beautiful things I can create and the fun new items I can list in my shop!

Somebody’s Stuff… has Stuff… because my Mom decided to blog. :)

Thanks, Mom!

postheadericon Sneak Attack!!!

Somebody’s Stuff was attacked yesterday… in the best way possible!!! Attack is such a negative and scary word normally, sooo I’m happy to explain what happened.

I woke up this morning to see that my shop had not one, not two, but three new sales!!! Now someone that’s an Etsy Super-Star like Sarah Jane wouldn’t really notice this… but I’ve only had one sale so far, so I definitely noticed! I was instantly excited!

Courtesy of johnridley via stock.echng

Turns out I was the lucky “victim” of a Sneak Attack put on by the amazing people of  The Handmade Movement. I got a couple messages telling me what had happened with some links to places I could find out more info about the Sneak Attack. On their site I found the answer to the question “What is a sneak attack?!?” Here’s what they said…

“It’s a way to support independent artisans who are trying to sell their wares online. Two days a week at an appointed time, an Etsy shop with few or no sales is announced on this site. As many people as possible then buy items from that shop, resulting in a frenzy of surprise business to the unsuspecting shop!”

That’s sure what they did for me! Seems like they are pretty organized and excited about doing this type of thing… these folks have a lot of fun chatting with each others through threads on Etsy, twitter, blogs and facebook. There is even an Etsy Shop set up to help them keep the movement going.

Isn’t this the best idea?!? I’m going to keep looking around their sites and getting to know some of the members better, because this Sneak Attack was awesome! It brighten my day, and rejuvenated my Crafty Spirit! Thank you Handmade Movement and this events Sponsors: stockannette and verveinteriors! Thanks to Sandi of Handmade  by Sandi, Annette of Stock Annette,  and Kay of Verve Interiors for everything… you are the best!!!

Enjoy your weekend. Do something fun. Smile. I know I am!

postheadericon What’s In A Name?!?

I honestly don’t remember the exact time that I chose the name Somebody’s Stuff… but it was a while ago. I do know it was long before I had ever heard of Etsy.

I took a Fashion Merchandising class back in high school and that got the wheels in my head turning. I thought about designing clothes and shoes. I thought about having my own line, or my own store. I wanted to have my own brand of something… and that something would be called Somebody’s Stuff. I would show the world my clothes and then tell them “Don’t buy just anybody’s stuff, buy Somebody’s Stuff!”

Though I didn’t actually go into Fashion Design (I still have “Learn To Sew” on my to do list), Somebody’s Stuff has always been on my mind. It’s priority level was always fluctuating… but the idea was never dismissed completely. The clock kept ticking and I kept learning, growing, and changing… just as the plan for what kind of business I wanted did.

After getting married (OooOooh!), finishing school (for now), working hard (would you like  a copy of my resume’?), and having a baby (Awww), I found myself starting an Etsy shop… with MUCH encouragement from my loving family. I don’t know if it was the absolute perfect time, and I’ll never know if all the planets are aligned just right for the opening of my shop, because it’s already happened. But it feels good and I like it.

My tag-line is now “Anticipate. Celebrate. Decorate. Remember.” I’ve used “… Buy Somebody’s Stuff” here and there, but I realized it wasn’t just about people buying my stuff… it’s about savoring, connecting, enjoying and loving. (More to come on my tag-line and purpose!)

So here I am again learning, growing and changing in the best ways I know how; Trial and Error, Faith and Hope, Family and Friends, Little by Little. I’m working to find the right balance of all the wonderful parts of my life, including especially Somebody’s Stuff.

I’m sure I could have called my shop just about anything, but I didn’t. I called it Somebody’s Stuff and for me… that’s perfect.

postheadericon Finally Real…

It’s good to be in this place.

Things are fresh and new and exciting. I’m at the beginning of a great adventure! I’m working to make the anxious twinges in my tummy turn into confident little butterflies. I’m depending on them to drive me forward, instead of holding me back. I’m glad that you’re here!  You are why I’m here!

Somebody’s Stuff has been an idea in my head for a long LONG time (more on that later!), a shop on Etsy for nearly 6 months, an OPEN shop on Etsy and on Facebook for about 4 months, and now… NOW my friends… here it is in BlogLand!!! I’m not sure why this is what feels real to me, but it does.

So here we are… and I’m excited! I’m planning on sharing all *sorts* of fun stuff with you all here! This will be where  you get to learn the why-oh-whys behind the Stuff! ;) This is the place to find out what’s on my mind, what I’m working on, and what’s coming soon. This is where you’ll hear about sales, discounts, giveaways and all things awesome!!! I will share here why I do what I do, and how you are making my world a better place.

Thanks for your support already! It will be fun to get to know you all better! I’m all about making the world smaller by making more friends! I’m excited to anticipate, celebrate, decorate and remember with you!!! I love creating… for YOU!

Pull up a chair. Kick off your shoes. I’ll grab the snacks (there are ALWAYS snacks) and let’s fill the world with awesome.